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A traffic ticket deferral in Washington State is a unique program that the legislature made which allows an individual to keep a traffic ticket off their record. In essence, it involves putting a ticket on hold for six to 12 months; if during that time the individual complies with the conditions of the deal, then their ticket will be dismissed. A traffic ticket deferral can only be done once every seven years for a moving or non-moving violation.

Can I Keep A Traffic Ticket Off My Record?

There are three primary ways to keep a ticket off of a record. The first way is by asking for a contested hearing where the defendant might be able to fight the ticket and have it dismissed successfully. The second option would be to work out a deal with the prosecutor that reduces a moving violation to a non-moving violation; the non-moving violation would remain on the driving record. The third option would be to request a traffic ticket deferral.

How Do I Request A Deferral of An Infraction?

Each court has specific requirements for requesting a deferral; some only require a person to mail in the ticket and request, while others will require a mitigation hearing and an official request before a judge. It is always best to call the court in question and inquire about the specific process of requesting a deferral.

What Does It Cost to Defer My Traffic Infraction?

The cost associated with deferring a traffic infraction will depend on the location of the court. According to the statute, the courts are allowed to charge an administrative fee for deferrals, which usually falls between $150 and $200. Some courts require a person to pay the face value of the ticket. If a court is charging the face value of the ticket, then they probably will not charge an additional administrative fee, but each court sets its policy.

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