CDL Traffic Tickets

What Are The Ramifications Of Traffic Infractions On A Commercial Driver’s License?

Commercial drivers face stringent rules on both the state and federal levels.

If a commercial driver gets a ticket while driving a commercial vehicle, it likely will be accompanied by an inspection report. That inspection report tracks the driver’s federal Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) score, which is on a 24-month clock. For self-employed drivers, too many tickets can result in the loss of driving privileges. Drivers who work for outside companies could face dismissal because companies insure their drivers and tickets increase their insurance costs.

On the state side, certain violations will cause the suspension of a commercial driver’s license (CDL) for some time. A second violation results in a 120-day disqualification, and a third violation brings a one-year suspension. CDL drivers also must be aware that if they’re found to have committed two or more serious traffic offenses stemming from separate incidents within three years, they face the suspension of their CDL. Serious traffic violations for CDL drivers include

  1. exceeding the speed limit by 15 mph or more;
  2. reckless driving;
  3. driving a commercial vehicle without a commercial license;
  4. negligent driving;
  5. following too closely;
  6. failing to stop;
  7. failing to yield the right of way;
  8. driving too fast for conditions;
  9. improper lane usage;
  10. texting while driving;
  11. using a cell phone while driving;
  12. and improper passing on the left or right.

It doesn’t matter if the driver is in a commercial or a personal vehicle; the CDL consequences are the same.

Since the livelihood of commercial drivers is based on their ability to drive, it’s imperative that they fight every single ticket. If they can’t drive, they can’t make money and can’t put food on the table. CDL drivers need to be on high alert when they get a ticket. They need to talk to a Washington traffic ticket attorney right away to try to minimize the consequences. The worst thing a commercial driver can do is to simply pay a ticket without trying to fight it.