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“I endorse this lawyer. Tony is a great Attorney and he is the first person I call when I have a traffic issue or question.”
Charles V., DUI And DWI Attorney

“The best I’ve seen at what he does. I just watched him go 8 for 8 making motions and getting a variety of traffic infractions (and one parking ticket) outright dismissed. He has mastered all of the arguments, and he knows all of the prosecutors and judges, and which arguments are likely to be successful in each particular venue. I highly recommend this attorney. He is not only extremely competent, he actually cares about his clients.”
Allen M., Immigration Attorney

“Tony is an extremely knowledgeable attorney, is always extremely well prepared and knows the proclivities of the judges and prosecutors who he appears in front of extremely well. He is very attentive to the needs of his clients. He is an attorney who I regularly consult for a second opinion on my own cases, as his advise is usually right on point. I heartily endorse Mr. Gargulle.”
Antone W., Speeding And Traffic Ticket Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Tony Garguile is a well-respected DUI and traffic attorney. He knows the laws, the judges, and the legal process well. He is the person to hire when you are facing the prospect of a substantial fine and/or jail time. You will be glad that you hired Tony.”
Kenneth P., Divorce And Separation Attorney

“I completely agree with all of the comments made regarding Mr. Garguile. He is the attorney to go to in Tacoma if you ever need someone by your side to help you through one of the most difficult times you may face.”
Dianne S., Personal Injury Attorney

“Tony is the go-to attorney when it comes to traffic violations and DUI defense in the Tacoma area. He knows the ins and outs of the local courts, and consistently gets his clients the best results.”
James M., Criminal Defense Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”
Lindsay C., Divorce And Separation Attorney

“Tony is one of the best traffic attorneys in the State. He is hard working and committed to getting the best results possible for his clients.”
Michael H., DUI And DWI Attorney

“I give this lawyer my unqualified endorsement. He is collegiate, courtesy and professional. He is highly effective and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.”
Reed Y., Personal Injury Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. He Rocks the traffic ticket world, a true asset to our community!”
Martin D., Speeding and traffic ticket Attorney

“One of my go-to-guys in Tacoma.”
Christopher V., Criminal Defense Attorney

“Tony is an incredibly hard-working attorney who is relentless in his pursuit to achieve tremendous outcomes for his clients. If I have questions regarding traffic law, Tony has the answers. I have heard Tony argue in open court and I am repeatedly impressed by his persuasiveness and knowledge of the law. I wholeheartedly endorse him and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a great attorney!”
Kathryn C., Bankruptcy And Debt Attorney

“Tony Garguile is a traffic ticket Guru, and one of the first attorneys I go to for traffic infraction advice. He’s also very knowledgable in DUI and other areas of criminal law. I highly endorse this lawyer!”
Cory W., DUI and DWI Attorney

“Tony is easily one of the best traffic lawyers in Washington. I would have him represent me or anyone in my family on any traffic ticket. He is a rising start in the legal community! I endorse this lawyer.”
Dennis T., DUI and DWI Attorney

“Antonio is a great traffic infraction attorney. If you are in a bind he is the guy you need.”
Anthony G., Criminal defense Attorney

“Tony is a hard working and intelligent attorney. I endorse this attorney.”
Erika W., Bankruptcy And Debt Attorney

“Tony is an excellent lawyer with a phenomenal grasp of all matters traffic related. He is very personable and well respected within our area of practice. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to my own friends and family. He has my highest recommendation.”
Nicole H.

“I endorse this lawyer. Tony is an outstanding attorney who fights hard for his clients.”
Scott M., Speeding And Traffic Ticket Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Tony is a top notch advocate for his clients. He has all the qualities I would want in an attorney: knowledgeable, driven, professional and respected in the legal community. Tony gets the results for his clients and I strongly endorse him.”
Kenlynn G., Criminal Defense Attorney

“Tony is an excellent attorney and has won cases in court that seemed impossible. I endorse this attorney!”
Bradley B., DUI And DWI Attorney

“Mr. Garguile is a driven attorney and an exceptional advocate for his clients. His experience in and familiarity with courts across Western Washington is invaluable and I have on occassion called him myself with questions relating especially to traffic ticket and infraction defense. Mr. Garguile’s clients are in more than capable hands and I would not hesitate to recommend him to a friend or family member in need.”
Brandon M., Litigation Attorney

“He is the best traffic infraction lawyer in Pierce County.”
Sara L., Speeding And Traffic Ticket Attorney

“I praise Tony for his litigation skills. He is great in court and a very zealous advocate. That’s why they call him “the sheriff”.”
Roberto Y., Speeding And Traffic Ticket Attorney

“Tony is an excellent attorney. I fully endorse him.”
Mark S., Speeding And Traffic Ticket Attorney

“Tony has been working with me and he is a great attorney. He has excellent skills and follow-through. I would highly recommend him.”
Barbara B., DUI And DWI Attorney