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“Tony made this entire process incredibly easy. All I had to do was contact him with my issue, and he was very personal about my situation and took care of everything. His method worked, and was well worth his fee. I would highly recommend Tony for any ticket worth fighting!”Morgan R.

“Tony disputed my ticket promptly and efficiently. I can always rely on him for his professionalism, as well as his sound advice. He guided me through the hassel of dealing with a moving violation as well as my parking tickets, all which ended up getting dropped! I would recommend Tony to anyone I know!”

Gabrielle L.

“I cannot recommend him enough. I got my first ever speeding ticket recently. I panicked and paid it. Then my sister told me I should have looked at lawyers. Well being that I had just paid it, I looked a few up and contacted a couple. Tony was the only one that responded. Before I knew it I had a court date (that I didn’t have to actually show up at). He got my ticket completely dismissed and I’m still in shock at how painless the whole process was. I love Tony. While I don’t plan on having to call him anytime soon, if I do happen to have a run in with those flashing blue lights, Tony will be my first call.”

Vanessa B.

“Tony at Garguile DUI & Traffic Lawyers has handled multiple tickets for me throughout the years. He is always easy to work with and takes all of the frustration and annoyance out of a speeding ticket. He handled everything from disputing the ticket to the court case. His professionalism and hard work ethic have made every experience I’ve had with him positive and successful. He’s got a 100% success rate of ticket dismissal for me!”

Amanda B.

“I am not a person that likes to speak in public and I hate confrontation, so the thought of going to court to dispute my traffic violation was a nightmare for me. I decided to hire Tony at Garguile DUI & Traffic Lawyers. He was so great to work with, got my fine waived, and the ticket dropped from my record. So worth the money! Tony is definitely my go to attorney if I ever find myself in this predicament again. I highly recommend Garguile DUI & Traffic Lawyers to everyone. It will be one of your best decisions!”

Olivia H.

“Tony is awesome! I contacted his chat service at 6:30am the morning I had court for a speeding ticket. Not only did I not have to attend court that morning, but he had my speeding ticket reduced to a non-moving violation within four business days!! Best money I have spent this year!! He is very professional and thorough! Thanks Tony!”

Lana F.

“Great person and staff. I highly recommend Tony and his team!”

Wei Z.

“Tony is the man! He was super professional and made everything easy. I didn’t even have to send him my ticket info he had already organized everything. He responded to my texts almost immediately whenever I had questions and best of all he won my case, getting my ticket off of my record. I will be using tony if I ever need another traffic lawyer and so should you!”

Dane D.

“Easiest phone I call ever made, and my ticket was dismissed! Office communicated through email/text with updates through the entire process. I never worried about a thing. Highly recommend Tony and would definitely use him again!”

Angela F.

“You want the very best, look no further. Tiny really can make the impossible happen. I highly recommend him (and I do) to family and friends that need legal help. Thanks again Tony!!”

Jade A.

“Top notch service, communication and follow-through. Cannot recommend highly enough.”

Douglas D.

“Very fast no BS lawyer and answers your questions fast which is unusual for a lawyer with a great price!!!!”

Randall W.

“He represented me for a citation and indeed he did very well. Job well done”
A Satisfied Client

“I hired Tony Garguile to defend me in a speeding ticket in Thurston County, WA. He was the first to respond to my queries and explained the likely outcome of the case. Following the court date, he was prompt in following up and explaining the case disposition. He reduced a speeding violation to a non-moving violation with reduced fine. I recommend Mr. Garguile and would hire him again if needed.”
A Satisfied Client

“I initially had a traffic violation for excessive speeding, over the next few days I was contacted by Antonio Garguile who explained to me what my options were and that he would fight for me to get this traffic ticket removed. He went to court for me and was able to resolve the issue by making the traffic citation to a non moving traffic violation. I greatly appreciate his professionalism during this process and helping me resolve this issue. I would definitely recommend Antonio Garguile to anyone who is seeking resolution for any traffic infractions.”

“I unfortunately got a speeding ticket. Having not had one in over 12 years, I was embarrassed and terrified as to what it would do to my insurance. I decided to hire Tony and boy am I glad I did. He was very clear and thorough…walking me through the process. He always kept me up-to-date on what was happening. He went to court for me and got the ticket dismissed! He called that day letting me know the good news and did a follow up email the next day. Tony is very knowledgeable and professional. I am hoping I never have to use his services again but if I do…I will not hesitate to reach out to him.”

“Good Communicator – No Stress – Positive outcome! Thanks Tony. Much appreciated!”

” Excellent service and communication. He was more than capable to take care of the issue that I had.”
A Satisfied Client

“We needed an attorney to help with a ticket my daughter received for speeding. We contacted this attorney’s office and we were impressed from the beginning! The entire staff was responsive, knowledgeable, professional and thorough. We knew exactly what was happening every step of the way. The ticket was ultimately dismissed! I would highly recommend this attorney!”
A Satisfied Client

“I contacted Mr. Garguile after I decided I was in over my head on this traffic infraction. He reassured me and told me he would work to resolve the case in an affirmative way. I could not be happier with the result of complete dismissal. Thank you Tony!”
A Satisfied Client

“Tony was very efficient at getting rid of my speeding ticket. I didn’t have to take much time at all for him to take it over and get it dismissed for me. I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend him to anyone”
A Satisfied Client

“I like the professional treatment I got from him and the way he handled it. I hope I don’t have to but, if I do I will hire him again good job”

“Tony made this entire process incredibly easy. All I had to do was contact him with my issue, and he was very personal about my situation and took care of everything. His method worked, and was well worth his fee. I would highly recommend Tony for any ticket worth fighting!”Morgan R.

“Tony personally handle my three tickets and receive in the course of a short period of time. All speeding over 20 miles an hour. He got one reduced to a moving violations and the others completely dismissed. This is the entire time and answered all questions I have. I’m so appreciative of his excellent work that has kept everything off of my insurance and still maintain a clean record.”Dalton R.

“Tony is very helpful and professional. He handles all the work for you and frequently informs you the progress. He helped me get my moving violation reduced to nothing! Definitely would recommend!”Louis C.

“I’ve been retaining Tony’s services for years. Before he had his own practice he always took great care of me and made sure my efforts were minimal and the results satisfying. I’m happy to say nothing has changed after becoming independent and I trust him %100 to take care of my speeding tickets. I am confident enough to recommend him to anyone. There are no moving violations on my record because of him, 10/10 would hire again”
Ryan D.

“Tony was awesome! I didn’t have to worry about appearing in court for my ticket. He made it a seamless process by communicating with me every step of the way. He was able to reduce my moving violation to a non moving one which didn’t impact my insurance rates.”Chenda S.

“I was very pleased with Mr. Garguile and my results, first he kept in contact continually and I was well informed.

My ticket was reduced to non moving violation which is exactly what I hoped for, no insurance hikes!

I would recommend Mr. Garguile to anyone with a moving violation no matter how small the ticket, you don’t want that on your insurance.

He even helped me when I screwed up the payment. Excellent service!”
Rob W.

“Tony is awesome. I’m a resident in California and received a ticket when driving near a national park in WA. After I emailed him, he immediately sent me a well written ebook explaining the traffic laws in WA, even before I hired him as my attorney. Then he handled everything in the process, from mailing the contest form, to attending the court hearing. Eventually, he helped me amend the speeding ticket to a no-point violation so that my driving record is still clean. Thank you Tony!”
Nathaniel S.

“Tony was great! He was easy to get in contact with and made the process so simple. He called me the minute he was walking out of the court room to give me the good news and made me feel at ease knowing my first ticket would be able to be reversed. Highly recommend Tony!”
Zoë N.

“Tony is without a doubt the best to work with. He is fast to respond, handles ALL the work on your behalf, and delivers what he promises. I highly recommend his services.”
Jonna L.

“Tony was exceptionally helpful and took care of everything for me. He answered all of my questions quickly and was full of helpful information. He got my speeding ticket reduced down to a non moving violation with little to no work on my part. The ability to not have to miss any work or spend my spare time taking care of this on my own was well worth it. Fingers crossed that I won’t be requiring this service again, but I know where I’ll go if I should get another ticket!=”

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