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In Washington, drivers have 15 days to respond to a ticket if an officer issued the infraction in person. For tickets sent in the mail, drivers have 18 days from the date when the notice was sent.

What happens if I simply do nothing after receiving a traffic ticket?

If a driver doesn’t respond to a ticket within the required timeframe, the court will add a $52 late fee to the infraction cost. The court also will notify the state Department of Licensing, starting a process of suspending the driver’s license until the failure to appear is resolved, usually by either paying the fine or setting up a payment plan. Then the driver must pay $25 for a new license plus a $75 fee to the Department of Licensing.

If too much time passes without paying off the ticket, then the fine goes to collections. And if the driver continues to climb behind the wheel, they risk being ticketed for driving on a suspended license.

What are the long-term and short-term effects of having traffic violations on my driving record?

Traffic violations carry two main effects. One is insurance rate hikes, and the other is employment opportunities.

Just one speeding ticket can increase insurance rates by 22 percent. This impact rises significantly with multiple tickets on a driver’s record. Two violations result in a 34 percent jump, and drivers with three violations see a 53 percent increase in insurance rates, compared to drivers who are violation free.

The other long-term consequence concerns employment opportunities, especially now that more and more people are working for companies like Uber and Lyft. Uber and Lyft allow drivers to have only three tickets within a three-years period. By simply paying off tickets, drivers might be turned down when they apply for company jobs that require driving. It’s simply too expensive for companies to ensure drivers who have too many tickets.

Drivers must consider these long-term consequences when deciding whether to fighting these tickets.

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