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Washington has mandatory minimum jail times for DUI offenses, with a sentencing grid based upon prior offenses within the last seven years.

For a first-offense DUI when the driver-tested over 0.15, or refused a test, the typical jail sentence is 48 consecutive hours, combined with a fine of about $1,200 and a one-year or two-year license revocation. For cases with DUI test results under a 0.15, the mandatory minimum sentence is 24 consecutive hours in jail, plus a $991 fine and a 90-day license suspension.

For a second offense within seven years, in cases where the driver-tested over 0.15 or refused a test, the mandatory minimum jail sentence is 45 days plus a driver’s license revocation of 900 days or three years. For cases with a test result under 0.15, the mandatory minimum jail sentence is 30 days, plus a two-year license revocation.

If the arrested driver had two prior offenses within seven years, the mandatory minimum jail sentence is 90 days plus a three-year license suspension. For cases where the driver either refused a DUI test or tested above 0.15, that mandatory minimum sentence jumps to 120 days in jail plus a fine and license revocation.

Additional prior offenses may lead to felony charges.

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