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If someone commits a new traffic violation within a specific timeframe of being granted a deferral, then the deferral will be revoked, the original ticket is found committed, and the subsequent ticket will likely go on the record as well. The violation would likely cause a substantial increase in insurance rates.

What Infractions Do Not Qualify for A Deferral?

There is only one infraction that is prohibited categorically by the law, which is negligent driving in the second degree with a vulnerable victim. This infraction occurs if someone hits a pedestrian while driving a vehicle and would result in a $10,000 ticket and no option for deferral. Whether or not other types of infractions that result in an accident will be deferred is up to the discretion of the judge. If someone is planning to take advantage of the ticket deferral process, it is advisable for them to contact the court and ensure that their ticket is eligible for a deferral.

What If I Fail to Pay the Administrative Fee for My Deferral?

If someone fails to pay the administrative fee on a deferral, then they will have been unable to live up to the terms of the agreement of the deferral. As a result, the deferral is revoked, and the original ticket will go on the driving record.

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