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The possibilities of having all charges dropped. This means no fines to pay and no traffic ticket added to your driving record. There’s a possibility of having your ticket reduced to a non-moving violation that doesn’t affect your insurance in the long term. Depending on your driving record, you potentially can maintain your driving privileges depending on the type of case. In almost 90 percent of the courts, if you hire a traffic ticket attorney, you don’t have to appear at that court hearing. You don’t have to take any time off work or any time out of your day to go to the hearing. Usually, you can expect a hearing to last roughly two hours, because there are often 30 to 40 cases scheduled on the same date. Depending on where your last name falls in the alphabet, you could be sitting there a long time.

If you hired an attorney you get the benefit of having somebody that knows what they’re doing at this contested hearing, feels comfortable in court, knows what motions work, and what doesn’t work. You also have the benefit of saving your time, not having to take time off work or take any time out of your day to go to the contested hearing.

Is It Possible For My Traffic Ticket Attorney To Get My Offense Reduced Or Even Dismissed?

Each court and judge is different but there are generally two things that a traffic ticket attorney can do for you. The first one is to argue the ticket, try to get the ticket dismissed on a technical issue. The second is to get the ticket reduced down to a non-moving violation. When it’s reduced to a non-moving violation, you still have to pay a fine but the benefit is that you won’t have a moving violation on your record. A reduction to a non-moving violation is very unlikely to raise your insurance rates. Most traffic ticket attorneys that specialize in this field are very successful. Personally, I have about a 98% success rate on either getting your ticket dismissed or reduced down to a non-moving violation.

Many of my colleagues probably have very similar numbers. But, if you hire an attorney there’s an excellent chance that the ticket will not be going on your driving record.

Can I Appeal if I Lose A Contested Hearing?

There is an appeal process in the state of Washington after contested hearings. With that said, the appeal process is costly and challenging to overcome. Many people think that if they go to their contested hearing they can appeal the decision of the lower court; that’s incorrect. What they’re looking for on appeal is that there a “manifest abuse“ of discretion. Essentially what that means is that no other reasonable judge could conclude the same way the lower court ruled. It’s a very high bar. If you want to appeal it’s a lot better to have a traffic ticket attorney first because we make technical legal motions and if the legal motion was not correctly ruled on, you have a better shot of winning on appeal.

If you went into the contested hearing by yourself, I wouldn’t even accept an appeal case because they’re pretty much impossible to win. This is because the individual that represented themselves presumably did not make the proper legal motions and did not preserve any issues on appeal. Just looking at the facts, they are doubtful to succeed. The other problem with appeals is that they’re costly. The majority of traffic tickets are never appealed because it usually costs anywhere between $1000 to $2000 to do an appeal and in the long run, your insurance rates aren’t likely to be affected by that much. Although there is an appeal process, the only way that I would take an appeal is if I or another traffic ticket attorney did the contested hearing and there were legal issues to take up on appeal. But, if you’re going to try to argue the fact then there’s no reason to appeal, and you might as well save your money.

Will Going To Traffic School Before My Case Is Heard Help Me At All?

Many states across the country have Traffic School where you can go to Traffic School, take a class, and you send a certificate to the court. A court either dismisses the infraction or removes the points from your license. Washington State doesn’t have anything like that on a state level. Some courts do offer Traffic School. Those are usually municipal courts that provide a program. If you go to their Traffic School, run by their police department, that they will dismiss the infraction if you qualify for that. It depends on where you get the ticket. Courts, like Kent Municipal and the City of Auburn do have traffic school options but there’s no Traffic School option on a state level. It would be court by court basis. If that is something that you want to look into I would suggest calling the court and asking them if they have a Traffic School option.

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